Pakistan Electricity Generation – 2017

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Pakistan has been steadily increasing its generation output. Total electricity generation has registered an increase of 6.7% year on year with net electricity generation in the NTDC system reaching up to 107,069 GWh in FY2017 as compared to 100,253 Gwh in FY2016.

Month on month, the total electricity generation in Pakistan peaks in the summer months when hydel power along with the furnace oil ramps up the total production. The maximum electricity generation in the country was witnessed in June of 2017 (11,461 Gwh) whereas minimum electricity generation was experienced in February 2017 (February 2017). On average, the country produced 8,922 Gwh of electricity per month throughout the year. With population of around 220 million, this means that an average Pakistani consumes 486 Kwh/capita electricity which is a fairly low number as compared to the world standards – 12,600 Kwh/capita for the USA and 10,100 Kwh/capita for UAE.

The total electricity generation for FY2017 is outlined as below:

[image src=”http://localhost/resource/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/pakistan-electricity-generation.png” width=”100%” height=”” align=”” stretch=”0″ border=”0″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” link_image=”” link=”” target=”” hover=”” alt=”The total electricity generation for FY2017 ” caption=”The total electricity generation for FY2017 ” greyscale=”0″ animate=””]


The fuel wise electricity generation is outlined as below with hydel, natural gas and furnace oil all contributing almost equally to the total electricity generation share (30%). With CPEC on horizon, however, it is expected that the share of coal will gradually increase, displacing furnace oil generation in the future.

You can download the data in the excel file from here

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Fuel Total Generation (Gwh) %
Hydel                                           31,786 30%
Furnace Oil                                           31,933 30%
Gas                                           31,057 29%
Diesel                                             1,648 2%
Coal                                                 961 1%
Others                                             9,684 9%
Total                                        107,069 100%