Climate Finance

  • Paris Agreement has proved monumental in our fight against climate change. It also helped steer conversation towards the right causes: climate justice and protection of our shared identity, the Earth.
  • Climate finance is an important discourse under climate change based on the principles of climate justice to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helping communities to adapt to climate change impacts.
  • We have a lot to do to fight climate change and that too on a short time scale. In the Paris Agreement, the wealthier countries committed to providing LDCs with $100 billion per annum. They also agreed to provide the adaptation finance. Where to channelize the funding? And how to channelize the funding requires a concerted effort.
  • In that effort, most institutions and policy makers know the end goal of their climate ambitions. But ‘how’ to reach the end goal remains allusive. Without knowing ‘how’ of climate finance, their journey may just never begin.
  • Our full length of services include: GCF readiness support to NDAs, AEs and executing agencies, developing climate investment plans for national and sub-national governments, capacity building on climate change science and policy, mainstreaming climate infrastructure into planning and processes, designing systems for MRV of climate finance flows, and technical and commercial due diligence to inform investment decision making while transforming policy into concrete action plans.

Our Expertise

Resources Future support clients with a wide range of climate finance services including strategic advice, technical analysis and modelling, training and capacity building.

Climate Policy

We provide expertise to governments, private sector, development partners and international institutions in wide variety of climate science and policy making, such as climate investment planning and financing, capacity building and strengthening of national institutions, including financial institutions, to access climate finance. We support clients on how best to leverage public finance for blended finance deal flows, and FIs to embed climate investments for their new projects.

Climate Finance

We also support companies in developing countries with investment opportunities and guiding them with ever evolving climate regulations, how to apply to the Green Climate Funds and others climate finance institutions, enabling new revenue sources and ensuring long-term business security for climate risk disclosures for operations and supply chain impacts.

Carbon Markets

We provide support to organizations aiming for participating in carbon markets through intensive capacity building sessions. We handhold the clients through and through in developing and completing all requirements for obtaining carbon offsets against viable projects.

Past Works