Public Policy

To decrease the drag on domestic growth and increase competitiveness of actors along different value chains, long marred by deteriorating financial performance, rising debt, and lack of governance, it requires prudent evidence-based policies backed by data to be executed by public sector institutions.

Our Expertise

We help our clients make informed decision using evidence based analytical tools. There is absolutely no alternative to reliable data driven analysis. We’ve created financial and policy analysis tools to assist in decision making for the governments, multilaterals, multinational corporations, international accredited research institutes and think tanks. We specialize in creating custom tailor-made financial models, research-based insights and tools for range of practical applications such as: .

Value for Money (VFM) Analysis:

Considering a PPP project? We got the right tools to help you get started on all financial matters.

Business plan forecasting:

Need to revisit business plan? Was it too ambitious? Don’t you worry, we will revisit your business plan and recommend the best approach moving forward..

Regulatory models:

thinking to invest in regulated sector businesses? We got you covered with our expert knowledge and tools to help you file for all regulatory matters. Such as need for Tariff model for electricity generators, Natural Gas pricing etc. .

Business Valuation:

Need Advice on your start-up? Let us help you value your business to ensure you get best value in line with the potential prospects. .

Evaluation of Investment Options:

Thinking to invest in new verticals? We have the right industry knowledge and knowhow to help you make the right decision based on solid indicators.