Sustainable Development

Resources Future provides consultancy on sustainable development-related issues.  We as a firm believe that adapting to climate change impacts is crucial for the sustainable development of Pakistan. Pakistan is within the top 10 countries vulnerable to climate change impacts; these impacts threaten water security, food security, energy security, public health, human development, and infrastructure. With SDG integration into national policies and plans, as well as private sector engagements, Pakistan can strengthen its adaptive capacity to climate change impacts.

Resources Future takes a particular interest in:

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

Resources Future can advise on the design and implementation of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) initiatives helping clients make progress with SDGs 13 and 15. With a wide network of experts as well as targeted training our experts can guide developing a results framework, identifying indicators, baselines, and targets, and operationalizing monitoring and evaluation.

Nature-based solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience

The utilization of nature-based solutions is crucial for challenges such as urbanization, coastal development, and dryland expansion. Resources Future can assist in integrating nature-based solutions into national and provincial policy as well as throughout the project development cycle.

Sustainable Food Systems and Water Regulation

With the increasing duration and frequency of extreme weather events due to climate change, focusing on SDG 2 by creating sustainable food systems in Pakistan is becoming increasingly vital. Resources Future provides an analysis of current and past trends, policy effectiveness, as well as transaction advisory for projects and assignments on sustainable food systems and water regulation.

Our Expertise

Sustainable Development Policy

With a system thinking approach we assist in creating coherent cross-sectoral policy at the national and provincial levels such that sustainable development is achieved in Pakistan.

Private Sector Engagement

The private sector has immense capacity to help governments drive sustainable development. We assist with developing partnerships with the private sector through our familiarity with relevant frameworks and tools, our network, and identification of projects and partners for transactions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Resources future is equipped to evaluate national and provincial performance against SDG indicators. We offer a means to improve performance through targeted insights on bottlenecks and corresponding solutions.